How to Benefit from “Autopilot”

And that`s why it is crucial to bring mindfulness, consciousness and intention to our habits and routines. Most of the day we operate on `autopilot` (that is quite a smart energy-saving design by evolution) but if we find our automated habits unhealthy or not in alignment with our goals and values, it is high time for a conscious re-evaluation. To be the intentional creator of your days that are rooted in your values and goals instead of living with behaviours that come from

Change Is Not Straightforward

Have you noticed that nagging and confrontational blaming talk hardly ever leads to sustainable change? Even if we know the facts (smoking is harmful for our health, eating a nutritious balanced diet, working out is good for our health, etc.) - the knowledge of facts doesn`t just translate into action. There are other factors that are necessary for successful change... The below listed ones are just a few factors to be able to even start the process. We need to know that ther