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Change Is Not Straightforward

Have you noticed that nagging and confrontational blaming talk hardly ever leads to sustainable change?

Even if we know the facts (smoking is harmful for our health, eating a nutritious balanced diet, working out is good for our health, etc.) - the knowledge of facts doesn`t just translate into action. There are other factors that are necessary for successful change...

The below listed ones are just a few factors to be able to even start the process. We need to know that there are possible solutions to change, that we CAN change if we put effort into it and we also need to have our reasons that motivate us.

If you struggle to quit a bad habit or implement a new helpful one, it might be a useful start to examine yourself through these questions:

- Do I know that there are ways to achieve what I want?

- Do I really want the change?

- Am I willing to put in consistent effort?

- Do I have a clear idea of WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHEN do I want?

An honest assessment to our current reality is fundamental.

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